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Kenyan Based U.S Hip Hop Group WEST PANGANI Set To Release New Hit In August


Kenyan Based U.S Hip Hop Group WEST PANGANI Set To Release New Hit In August

Nairobi based Hip Hop group West Pangani is a Kenyan musical outfit but majorly from Maryland Baltimore.

The group is currently riding high courtesy of their latest massive hit ‘Still Had You’ which has gannered over 150,000 streams on paid platforms globally.

Their story and origin dates back to high school when one of the group members, Mandwic who used to freestyle back in high school thought of pushing his inner belief that he had an undeniable feeling of being talented and was quite passionate of his hip hop music. He has written over 100 songs in his name and 3 albums.

Fast forward to 2018, after him loosing his dad he needed an avenue to air his feelings out and with the help of his cousin Danny, who was also going through turbulent times, they started rapping and boom they went pro finding a chance to hit the booth at a music studio.

Danny who is a vocal specialist is always at the group’s disposal to help with vocal techniques.

Allan, a friend to both, who was also passionate about music decided to also team up with the dynamic duo and together the three formed WEST PANGANI.

This eminent team of musical sheriff’s is having their sight set high with music collaborations in Kenya,South Africa and United States. True to say, they are here to make a mark and stay in the game for as long as the game stays.

As the clock tickles and the sun goes up and down, we await the release of yet another sweet sound from West Pangani. According to the group “Young Love” is the title of their new song which is set to be released on the 7th of August. Anyone else would leave everything they will doing on this day to grab an earpiece to this new song coz I assure you it will be an instant smash. A hit so to say. Come one we expect nothing less from the group.

The group identifies on all social media platforms as WEST PANGANI



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